Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Mike’s 1993 Silver Metallic USPS SSP

I had owned a 1966 Mustang Convertible for 27 years when I talked to my brother Randy, who had owned a 1967 Mustang Coupe for 26 years, about selling our cars that we had really lost interest in and buying a more modern Mustang.  Since his youngest son already owned a 1989 Dark Gray LX 5.0 Notchback and seeing my nephew’s passion for his car, we quickly decided that our next cars would be Fox Bodies.  I sold my 1966 Mustang Convertible on Craigslist and set out to find my Fox!

I found my Foxbody at a time that I had given up all hope of ever owning a Foxbody Notch. I was up late one night, sick and couldn’t sleep when I ran across a car on the internet. The car was not just any Notch.  It was an SSP!  It was during July 4th week which turned out to be a blessing for me.  I actually viewed the car on July 4th when everyone else was worried about vacationing. I bought the car on the spot! Here is what the car looked like the day I viewed it.

This 1993 Mustang SSP is one of six Special Service Package and 1 of 2 Silver Metallic Mustangs ordered by the Government (DSO 83) and used by the Los Angeles, California Postal Inspection Service Law Enforcement branch until they turned it over to the USPS Administrative fleet after a normal law enforcement vehicle service life of 5-6 years. This USPS SSP was in service from 1993 until 2006 and was ordered with additional options such as Premium Sound, Illuminated Visor Vanity Mirrors, Cargo Net and Electric Rear Window Defroster.

Ford Mustang SSP cars had no insulation under the hood and you can see the blue silicone radiator hoses unique to SSP cars.  Also unique to SSP cars are the presence of two buck tags with one stamped “POLICE”.

The US Postal Service fleet vehicle ID 3914210 stamped on the USPS key tag is still present below the VCL label on the driver’s door and inside the fuel door. The number below the USPS fleet vehicle ID on the key tag is the US Government vehicle license plate number for this SSP beginning with a letter prefix code to identify the assigned agency. In this case, the P prefix is for the Postal Service.  I had a license plate made for the car to replicate the plate the car would have used while in service.

I had the car transported back to my home in a closed carrier for safety.

I ran a Personalized Marti Report for my car and was given the following stats:

  • 354 Total Silver Metallic Coupes. Of them,
  • 114 had Automatic Transmissions. Of those,
  • 61 were equipped with Premium Sound, of which
  • 20 came with Electric Rear Window Defroster.
  • 14 of them had the Special Service Package.

My 1993 Mustang LX Silver Metallic coupe is one of those 14 cars!

93 notchback fox body