Wednesday, May 22, 2024

AOD to Tremec 3550 Swap

In June of 2017, I initiated the process of swapping out my AOD transmission to a Tremec 3550 5 speed.  While the 3550 was in good shape overall, I decided to go through it and do an overhaul and some upgrades while it was apart, such as upgrading to a 26 spline input shaft and upgrading to carbon fiber lined syncros.

3550BeforeRebuild-1 3550BeforeRebuild-2 3550Rebuild-1 3550Rebuild-2 3550Rebuild-3 3550Rebuild-4 3550Rebuild-5 3550Rebuild-6 3550Rebuild-7 3550Rebuild-8 3550Rebuild-9 3550Rebuild-10 3550Rebuild-11 3550Rebuild-12 3550Rebuild-13